Research Internship

Keywords: Data Visualization, User Experience, Visual Design, Graphic Design, Complex Data, Infographics

Project Title: Visualizing complex building analysis data to increase comprehension of public audience

My Role: Design Researcher 

Industry Partner: ioAirFlow
ioAirFlow's software solution helps building owners, operators, health and safety experts, and auditors identify indoor air quality, performance and energy efficiency gaps in any commercial building and make smarter and cost effective improvements. 

Research Study Details: Since current recipients of ioAirFlow data reports are not always data or engineering trained professionals, complex data is not often understood and acted upon. This research project focused on ways in which information design could be developed to communicate ioAirFlow's data effectively and efficiently.
Usability tests were conducted internally and with clients to identify areas in the ioAirFlow software that could be improved for better communication and comprehension of complex data.

Usability Test Notes

Heuristics of design review - Thermal Comfort Module

Heuristics of design review - Temperature v/s Relative Humidity Module

Temperature v/s Time Graph:
The temperature v/s time graph on the ioAirFlow portal represents the temperature over time for the selected location. But when displaying data for ‘All Locations’ it was hard to read any data as the resulting graph was clustered.
To counter this problem all sensors were grouped based on their location, this not only made differentiating between the sensors easy, but also made it possible to isolate certain sensors to make the data readable. 

Older version of the Temperature v/s Time graph

Redesigned version of the Temperature v/s Time graph with sensors categorized according to location

Redesigned version of the Temperature v/s Time graph (isolated view)

ioAirFlow successfully launched v.3.0 of the software

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