Keywords: UI Design, Mobile Ads, Product Design

My Role: Content Designer

Target Audience: Businesses

Skrilo is a full suite mobile marketing platform to drive high quality B2C engagement by offering businesses a dedicated, non-intrusive channel to reach out to their customers in a smart targeted manner.
Users on the other hand win cash prizes through a lucky draw by collecting chances on watching each ad. Since ads are shown on the app users can come any time to watch them non-intrusively. 

Research Study Details: Low conversion rates from regular mobile ads. Engagement is not just limited to ads but includes events and other shareable content directly from the app.

Initial Design Concepts: Full-screen static ads to fit multiple screen sizes
Skrilo Ads
Develop and design content for the Skrilo App.
Get smaller businesses and online influencers onboard to help them reach out to the right audience.

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