Keywords: Branding, Logo Design

My Role: Graphic Designer

Target Audience: Women and Art Enthusiasts

Solah Kala is a startup based in India that aims to revive the hand-painted and traditional artforms of India.

Aim: Branding project for Solah Kala Art & Craft LLP 
Initial Design Concepts
Showcase the union of different artforms from various parts of the country.
Design a logo around the significance of 'Solah Kala' in the Indian mythology.
This branding guide was developed to showcase the vibrant artforms that are present in different parts of the country. The logo is designed keeping in mind the word 'Solah Kala' and its significance in the Indian mythology. The word 'Solah' is the Hindi translation for the number '16' which is seen at the center of the logo in Devanagari script.
The number 16 sits at the center of a peacock feather which is attributed with Lord Krishna, who is believed to have 'solah' (16) 'kalas' or avatars.
The peacock feather sits on a crescent moon, which also has 16 phases in one cycle.
The logo is set on a white backdrop which has a colored square grid behind it. The grid represents the interwoven threads on a piece of cloth, while also can be inferred as a mix of colors to Black and White which are neutral colors.
A successful branding guide with development of various assets to help launch Solah Kala.

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