Keywords: Data Annotation, Complex Data, VisualĀ Epistemology

A design experiment done as part of my research to see if visualizing complex data can lead to engagement. In this particular project I have Annotated the value of Pi (22/7) to the first 100 decimal places to see if it can lead to engagement from viewers.
Each digit was annotated using a specific color and all even numbers were annotated using hollow circles while all odd numbers were annotated using solid circles. These circles were then arranged in a grid of 10x10.
Looking at the gird of these annotated digits there were more interesting patterns that emerged. For instance, the first 5 digits from the top in the fourth column were taken by the number 2 and looking at the grid, one could easily count how many times a single digit was repeating itself for the first 100 times.
With this design experiment I was able to conclude that large and complex data could achieve engagement using data visualization and annotation.

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